Betul A. Hatipoglu MD*

Article first published online: 27 JUN 2012

DOI: 10.1002/jso.23197



Cushing's syndrome;adrenal carcinoma;virilization;hypercortisolism


Cushing's syndrome (CS) results from prolonged exposure to elevated endogenous cortisol. Majority of cases are caused by ACTH, pituitary, or ectopic origin. Primary adrenal hypersecretion is 15–20% caused by adenomas, carcinomas (ACC), and rarely by nodular adrenocortical disease. CS presents with all typical features.

Commonly recommended initial testing are urinary free cortisol, late-night salivary cortisol, and 1-mg overnight dexamethasone suppression test (DST). Imaging is the key to diagnosis. CS continues to pose diagnostic and therapeutic challenges; life-long follow-up is mandatory.

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