Damian G. Morris,
Ashley Grossman,
Lynnette K. Nieman







Etiology and Pathophysiology



Pseudo-Cushing's States






Clinical Features






Clinical Spectrum



Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis



Establishing the Diagnosis of Cushing's Syndrome



Differential Diagnosis of Cushing's Syndrome












Medical Treatment



Special Clinical Scenarios



Cyclic Cushing's Syndrome



Iatrogenic and Factitious Cushing's Syndrome



Chronic Renal Failure



Pediatric Cushing's Syndrome



Cushing's Syndrome in Pregnancy




Harvey Cushing[1,2] was the first to codify the symptom complex of obesity, diabetes, hirsutism, and adrenal hyperplasia, and to postulate that the basophilic adenomas found at autopsy in six of eight patients caused the disease that now bears his name. Shortly thereafter, Walters and colleagues[3]identified the etiologic contribution of adrenal tumors and the therapeutic role of adrenalectomy.

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